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“Think Outside The Dollhouse!”







From the Deep Green Secret Forest comes the one thing your household Fairies want more than anything else…

an Heirloom FairieTree house for their very own!

For years of fun and imagination!

Toddler Trees,

Girl Trees,

Boy Trees,

even Teen Trees and Grownup Trees!

Trees for one, Trees for two,  or Trees for a whole Daycare or school.

Tall Trees, Short Trees…

Works of art and fun. 

Original and custom, Heirloom quality, beautifully crafted, unique indoor FairieHouse Trees! Not available in any store at any price. You will never see your Tree anywhere else! This is a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

FairieTrees  may have their own custom original Story, designed only for you, in a quality hardcover StoryBook: starring a cast of Fairie Characters with whom your child will immediately identify  …and who just happen to come in ‘real life’ with the Tree! 

Imagine reading the story to your little ones, as they hold the stars of the story in their hands, and follow along with their own Tree!

Everyone loves FairieTrees !! 

Your Household Fairies will have a fabulous place to live! 

‘Oh no,’ you say?  ‘We do not have a Fairy to put in a FairieTree!’? 

Well ! Fear not!  We also create Fairies!  … 

And, just for fun, we also write custom, original, one of a kind, just-for-you  

Hardcover Storybooks, quite possibly starring Fairies who bear an amazing resemblance to whomever you wish!How the Fairies Lost Their Magic


Contact the Artist  at FairieTrees@gmail.com, 

follow me on Facebook!    facebook.com/FairieTrees-803184473303212/                                                                       

or call Nicki at 250 470 9032, to discuss your own personal Tree! Your children will  be thrilled!





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