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Can be in-stock

Artist-Imagined denizens of

the Deep Green Secret Forest, or

Fairies custom made to

your order!



In-stock Artist-Imagined fairy homes,


custom made to your order. Ranging

from 3' high to 5' high, with bases a

little over a foot square in

order to fit tidily into a corner of a

room.  They take up less

space than fashion-doll



and up

Tabletop Fairie Houses

When you are sad or lonely, turn on the

lights in the fairy house, and wake up the

fairies. Then, if you look really hard,

and concentrate, you can tell them your

troubles. It may take the fairies a while,

because they are small, but they will try to help you!

$79.99 & up

or call:

250 470 9032

Fairy FlyingWands

Magical 'Wands' to help your Fairies soar and fly !


Original hardcover


Written only for you, with your

needs  and your story in mind; no

other like it; illustrated and beautifully

printed in hard cover. This is not

a 'fill-in-the-names' template book as

you may have seen advertised


these are original stories not

published anywhere else!


Garden fairy houses

These have solar batteries;

the windows glow with life at night.

Ranging from 15" tall to

whatever height you need. In-stock

or custom made.

$89.99 & up

Glowing mushrooms

'Growing' out of pieces of forest bark,

these groups of various-sized

mushrooms can adorn a table, a desk, a wall....

whatever needs a magical touch!

$39.99& up

'Magic' Wands

Just right for making those secret

wishes! Adorned with magical 'dragon'

eyes, symbols, semi- precious or

glow in the dark stones, or just plain

fun faux 'jewels'. 

$19.99 & up